A Healthy Dose of Schmooze

This weekend I was lucky enough to attend the opening party of the Luminato Festival of Arts and Creativity.

Photo Credit: Trevor Haldenby

And while my bestie/date for the evening prohibited me from taking pictures of my munchies due to it being entirely inappropriate & uncouth (not to mention super lame), I couldn’t help but share some of the foodz from the evening with you. The menu items included such bougy* ridiculousness as:

  • duck liver pate
  • stuffed grape leaves in endive
  • seared scallops with pork belly
  • soft shell crab tempura sandwiches
  • lamb shank
  • salmon tartare
  • bruschetta on edible spoons &
  • teeny tiny fruit shaped sorbets!

It was all tasty as heck of course (I tucked into the seafood & veg-friendly foods in a serious way) but it was also the kind of over-the-top fussy food that makes me crave cold cereal and PB&Js for the next week just to balance out the universe. Oh and maybe throw some greens in there to make up for that vegetable wasteland. A healthy hipster cannot survive on eggplant & lettuce leaves alone, puh-leez!

Either way, if you ask me, the tastiest looking treats at the Yves Saint Laurent hosted event were all the YSL makeup and fashion displays spread out around the space…


*HH Slang Watch: Bougy = Swanky, Upper-Class, Bourgeois

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