Coffee of the Day

I am a coffee snob. No question about it. Growing up my mum owned a coffeehouse & I was pullin espresso before my 14th birthday. So when I say I know coffee you know its in my blood. And when I recommend good coffee, you best believe its time to listen up.

Though I was only in Halifax for a hot minute before I caught my flight home it was just enough time to pop into the newly renovated Seaport Farmer’s Market and snag some of my absolute favourite evaahhh Java Blend coffee.

Java Blend Coffee Roasters, Halifax NS, 1938


What’s so great about Java Blend?


  • Canadian & Independently Owned
  • Certified Fair Trade
  • Organic Options
  • Bike Delivered Beans!! (Halifax area)
  • Beautifully Bold & Richly Flavoured Coffee
I am currently luxuriating in my daily cups of  Dark Organic Aztec Blend. 

Java Blend Coffee Roasters, Halifax NS, 2011

…though the ones I make at home don’t seem quite as delicious as that first one I sipped, to the soundtrack of wind & gulls, on the Pier in Halifax.

To pick up a lb. for yourself, peruse their online shop. Here’s a link to my favourite blend.

Do you ever buy locally roasted coffee? How important is buying Fair Trade, Organic, etc. to you




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  1. I’m definitely a coffee snob too (but since I’m erm…marginally addicted…I will still drink a crappy cup – I’ll just know it’s crappy!) Fair trade is definitely important to me – organic is an added bonus, but not necessary!

  2. Ashley

     /  June 27, 2011

    It’s VERY important to me! I look for shade-grown, too, because it means that lands weren’t deforested for coffee 🙂

    • I couldn’t agree more! Environmental concerns are huge when it comes to any big “cash crops” like coffee, chocolate & sugar aka. the best things EVAH. Just gotta make sure we aren’t enjoying our own life’s pleasures at the expense of someone elses, right? 🙂

  3. Beans delivered by bike? That is awesome!! I try to buy fair trade and/or organic coffee whenever it’s available. I like to go to places that roast their own beans, too (like T.A.N in Toronto).


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