A Bellwoods Afternoon

What do you do when its the afternoon before a long weekend and everyone in the world is off work? Why you spend a day at the park of course!

Trinity Bellwoods is my favourite kind of park. Big and pretty but with no particular function other than to be sat in and enjoyed. It reminds me of my time living in the Netherlands, spending whole days just enjoying  good conversation, beautiful weather and beautiful friends in Wilhelmina Park. Sure the tennis courts at Bellwoods are always packed and the wading pool is full of kiddies, for the most part people go to the park for the sole purpose of enjoying the pleasure of the outdoors.

Because simply being outside, surrounded by members of your community is not a means to an end but an end in itself.

Yogis in the Park

Hot Date Hayley

Hayley's Picnic Lunch: Quinoa Salad & Portuguese Chicken from Inigo

Hot Date Luke

One Classy Ladybug

So this long weekend I want to give you a gentle reminder to get yer butt outside so you can enjoy the sunshine & good company.

I’m off to explore the city, meet new friends and sit on some patios!


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  1. I love Trin Bellwoods!! Do you ever go to Clafouti across the street? They make some darn good sweets.

    Bahh this makes me seriously miss summer in Toronto.

    • LOVE clafouti! Croissants aux Amandes = heaven in pastry form. Even more so when paired with an espresso from the White Squirrel next door….NOMMM….

      And don’t fret about missing summer this year…I promise the city will still be here to welcome you whenever you want to return! 🙂


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