City Staycation: The Scarborough Bluffs

This week I decided to do one of my favourite budget friendly activities: the staycation! I chose a spot a little off the beaten path for this West Ender….all the way out in the east side suburb of Scarborough.


The bluffs are an escapement that spans all across the eastern side of Lake Ontario. While erosion makes it difficult to climb them, there are loads of paths that take you right up close and personal with the stunning rock formations. There’s also a lovely beachfront with trails and picnic spots, and a beautiful public garden filled with wild roses and shady reading spots.

Here are a few shots from my adventures around the bluffs:





When was the last time you took a staycation?

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  1. Oh the bluffs! I used to go there to swim every summer as a kid, but I haven’t been for ages. I didn’t know there was a flower garden!

    I think Toronto is GREAT for stay-cations – so many great beaches, parks, ravines, and weird neighbourhoods to explore.

    • Its just a little bit east of the big park but its so so lovely. And yes Toronto is the nook and cranny capital of the world I think, it often seems like the possibilities for adventure are limitless…ahem…until January that is. 😉

  2. I love finding other Canadian bloggers! Does going to the CNE count as a Staycation?! I went yesterday and although I’ve gone plenty of times I still kinda felt like a tourist 🙂 Great photographs by the way!

    • That DEFINITELY counts! The CNE is such a weird and wonderful Toronto institution. I love that you can stuff your face tiny cinnamon doughnuts, ride a ferris wheel, feed a goat, learn about some new type of juicer, play whackamole AND watch a guy get shot out of a cannon all in one convenient location.
      How lovely to find another Torontonian in my midst!


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