What’s the Capital of Canada, Again?

As promised, here is a little photojournal chronicling my trip last weekend to Canada’s capital city of Ottawa!

First things first: my gracious hostess for the weekend (ain’t she sweet?)

Things kicked off Saturday morning with a lil’ stay-at-home brunch. Sunlight streaming in the window and bouncing off her handmade chandelier? Swoooon.

French toast made with whole grain cranberry bread, a side of fruit & my addition of a perfectly poached egg.

Next came a little downtown exploration, which for me had to include ogling local produce at the ByWard market and of course a  little thrift shopping.

We also stumbled across this so kitschy its cute urban garden in our travels.

The weekend drew to a close with a short drive out to the quaint little town of Wakefield, Quebec for a little bridge jumping, river swimming & rock lazing.


We look miserable don’t we? 😉 

Hope you don’t mind the epic photo post today…but as the cool breeze starts to roll in and labour day quickly approaches, I’m feeling prematurely nostalgic about summer.

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  1. Can I eat all of those blueberries??? 🙂 Glad you had fun!


  2. Beautiful photos! It looks like you had an awesome time. That first shot made me think you were in your kitchen for some reason. Also, I must know what nail polish you’re wearing in the last pic. So pretty.


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