Wednesday à la Mode: Fashion Forward Accessorizing

It is an absolutely glorious day here in Toronto. The sun is shining and it’s so warm that I am not only thinking about spring…but summer. Remember summer? That season with the bikes and the babes and the babes on bikes? I’m definitely getting ahead of myself. But what better day than today to dedicate an entire post to one of my favourite topics to think/dream/obsess/yammer on about…FASHION.

My style is effortless and eclectic and I strive to create outfits that are expressive and a little unexpected. When it comes to shopping I love to stay up on the latest designers, brands, lines and stores but my budget certainly doesn’t allow me to hog wild at Acne or Jonathan and Olivia? Hells to the no. So true to Healthy Hipster form I’m going to offer up some friendly advice for how I stay fashion forward without resorting to my evil credit card thee-who-shall-not-be-named.

Today’s Budget-Friendly Fashion Tip?

Shop the trend…but only in the accessories aisle.

Nobody likes a trendwhore…but a girl’s gotta get her fix now and then. I do it by closely monitoring my trend intake and indulging in moderation. Accessories are much cheaper than a whole new outfit, not to mention smaller (less wasted closet space) and more tasteful. And as an added bonus trends tend to be cyclical…so yesterday’s boho feather earrings or mod studs can be repurposed as today’s aztec revival and colour blocking. Trust.

Here are a few of my suggestions for ways to shop some of the hottest spring trends without buying a single piece of clothing…

Shop the Trend: Accessories

CUTOUTS & MESH: Leggings
$16 –

TYE DYE: Tights
$20 –

NEON: Ankle Socks
$6 –

AZTEC: Clutch
$27 –

CHEVRON: Knuckle Ring
$6.80 –

$7.80 –

90s REVIVAL: Turban
$3.80 –

Would you rather avoid trends altogether or do you love to freshen up your wardrobe with quirky new items?
Wanna see more fashion posts like this one in the future? Let me know!

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  1. The library I work in is FULL of triangles, and I love it!
    I’m glad to see them so prominently featured in this season’s trendy accessories.

  2. Brilliant! I like this advice since my own style is so basic and monochromatic, it is nice to be playful with accessories. Although the statement “my style APPEARS effortless” might be more apropos for you in this post 🙂

  3. I love those tights!

  4. Karina

     /  March 8, 2012

    I’d absolutly love to see more of your creative fashion posts!


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