Poutine & Cupcakes

Best title ever.

It’s been a wicked busy week here in the Healthy Hipster hood and Im so glad i finally have a moment to blog about some of it (on the bus, from my phone, like a champ…)

I’ve had a constant stream of visitors and houseguests which has resulted in some serious feasting all over this damn town!
Vegan Poutine from Poutinis is a must for any visitor to my fair city.20120727-100543.jpg

As is a stop into Bunners vegan, gluten-free bakeshop….where the treats are almost as cute as the ladies serving them up!


I can’t get enough of having my best buds (babes) visit my city…


And showing them all it has to offer (foodwise)…


Good friends + tasty eats + well executed facepaint tattoos = me, the happiest girl in hogtown.


My other big update is that I am unofficially officially bridesmaiding a wedding for the first time in my life and honestly ladies, I don’t understand how you do this on the regular. I’m exhausted and the wedding isn’t until tomorrow! My bestie Meg is lucky she’s so fantastic, kind, caring and deserving…

I’ll be giving you the whole rundown of Wedding festivities as they go down – its in the woods, Bunners made the wedding pies and there will be bocce ball. Be honest, you all wanna catch a glimpse of some hipster wedding inspiration. And if you just can’t wait you should check out my from my beautiful friend Christels whimsical coastal wedding last fall. So stunning and completely DIY.

Have a fabulous Friday, and if you have any tips for surviving wedding mayhem from a bridesmaids perspective, send them my way!

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  1. I think I need a Healthy Hipster tour of Toronto!


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