Because I knew you were wondering…

While I consider myself a little past my “hipster heyday,” to most I’d probably still fit the bill. If you ask me where I got my outfit I’ll probably tell you “it’s vintage.” I hang out in bars the size of studio apartments then stop going the second they get a good yelp review. I constantly complain about gentrification and the lack of yoga studios in my neighborhood within the same breath. I talk about things like crystals and sage and “the universe” without a hint of either seriousness or irony. I genuinely enjoy contemporary art. I once took a college course called “techno-bodies in cyber space.”

Have I lost you yet? Stay with me.

As soon as I passed the age of 22, I learned pretty quickly that too much pabst makes me feel like crapst. I need vegetables, physical activity, nature and mornings in my life in order to be a happy successful adult human. That said, a life that consists solely of green smoothies and spin class doesn’t appeal much to me either….

So that’s it. The Healthy Hipster chronicles the life of one gal striving to bring together the strange bedfellows of hipsterdom and healthy living – and its all right here for you to get inspired by, judge harshly and enjoy.

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  1. livinglearningeating

     /  July 16, 2011

    I love your outfit!

  2. haha oh my gosh i am so happy i found your lil blog – i love it! genius! i was laughing & agreeing with everything you wrote. 😀

  3. Geez. I just found your blog today, through the comments on the Fitnessista’s blog (love her!!) and I am glad I found it. You’re funny! I, too, can’t get down with the beer-guzzling-who-cares-if-i-feel-like-crap-all-day lifestyle, either. Eating well and working out both feel good!

    • So glad you found the blog! Its always a struggle to balance the im still young and want to have fun mentality with the im old enough to know better one. My new goal is redefining what “fun” means to me on a day to day basis – sometimes that means a tasty beer and a dance party…other days a green smoothie and an early morning run! 🙂 Hope you stop by again soon!

  4. Awesome blog!! Slowly working my way through it now!! xox

  5. hilarious. i’ve been accused of being a hipster, but only by people who aren’t really familiar with the nuances between subcultures. i was in indie rock bands, hung out with diy punks, read riot grrl zines, and dress a bit rockabilly, so none of those things are exactly hipster, but none of those subcultures are exactly known for health, either, so i totally relate. ; )

    • You are clearly a blogger after my own heart. I grew up on a diet of kathleen hanna, third wave feminism and teen angst….then got a masters in women’s studies, NBD. Im so glad to see another gal who hearts healthy living but refuses the body negative, consumer driven normative aspects of the whole scene. Glad you found the blog!

  6. I too idolise Wes Anderson. Well, perhaps idolise is too strong a word… I like his films.

  7. It took me forever to get over Ira Glass’ voice but he’s so good!! 🙂 I like to think I’m sort of a hipster, though the clothes are expensive (American Apparel is WAYY past my budget). I live in Austin Texas so being a hipster is sort of a prerequisite.

  8. elisha

     /  December 16, 2011

    aha, wow. I was actually going to leave a rude remark on how I find people who call themselves hipsters are obnoxious and pretentious… but you’ve explained your defence so well and intelligently… i don’t know what to say :S.
    p.s.—-> I like your blog :). It’s nice

  9. Hey I absolutely love your blog (and the name)! I do not like to label myself, but I have been told I “fit the bill” as well. (:
    It’s awesome that you are trying to integrate healthy living into the hipster subculture- that is something that is much needed. You are a great inspiration!


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